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Katy Perry Jets to London for 24 Hours to Enjoy Quickie Date Night with Orlando Bloom
Watch Star Casey Cott Travel #OutOfOz to Sing Stripped-Down Duet
David Foster Jokes He Was 'Bragging' About Now-Fiancée Katharine McPhee During 2006...
's Katie Lowes and Husband Adam Shapiro Will Costar in Broadway's
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June 26, 2018 04:00 PM

David Mamet’s legendary play Glengarry Glen Ross is returning to Broadway with a new twist.

Sources tell PEOPLE a production of the drama, about the seedy underbelly of Chicago real estate agents, is in development to hit the Great White Way soon with an all-female cast.

“It’s the time for it,” the insider says. “The play is an American classic, and having a female cast interpret Mamet’s biting words here is going to give the play an entirely new meaning.”

A rep for Mamet did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Al Pacino and Jonathan Pryce in 1992's

Glengarry Glen Ross earned Mamet the Pulitzer Prize for Drama back in 1984. That same year, the play opened on Broadway after premiering in London, in a production that wielded four Tony nominations.

An acclaimed film adaptation came in1992, with a starry cast that included Womens Evernew Hipster Not Applicable Hipster Orange Corail 10 Manufacturer Size 38 sloggi For Nice W2Bn8
, Jack Lemmon, Alec Baldwin , Alan Arkin, Ed Harris, Discount Order Free Shipping Footaction Womens Victoria Push Everyday Bra Dorina Cheap Sale Original Cheap 100% Original 8sEZze
andJonathan Pryce.

Previous revivals on Broadway came in 2005 (withAlan Alda, Liev Schreiber, Jeffrey Tambor , Gordon Clapp, and Tom Wopat) —and in 2012 (with Pacino, Bobby Cannavale , David Harbour ,John C. McGinley,Richard Schiff and Jeremy Shamos).

RELATED VIDEO:Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Wilde More Stars Stun on the Tony Awards Red Carpet


Y visualization of SNP-CGH data for three T1FH clones. The copy numbers and SNP-allele ratios of all three T1FH samples were visualized with Y ( 49 ). Changes in the copy number estimate for regions relative to the parental strain are illustrated by dark bars drawn up- or downward, depending on the direction and magnitude of the change. These strains appear to be tetraploid on the basis of the copy number estimates for Chr7 (and most of ChrR in clone T1FHb), which are 3/4 of the other chromosomes. Color illustrates SNP status across regions. Heterozygous regions are gray, white regions do not have SNPs in the SC5314 reference sequence, and cyan is homozygous “a” alleles (e.g., aaaa on Chr5 in all three clones and ChrR in T1FHa and T1FHc and aaa in T1FHb). Intermediate ratios are indicated by intermediate colors. Blue shade represents more copies of “a” alleles (e.g., aab on the central trisomic region of ChrR in T1FHb), and purple shade represents more copies of the “b” alleles (e.g., abb on Chr7 in all three clones). The portion of ChrR in clone T1FHb to the right of the rDNA region (blue dot) is present in five copies. Major repeat sequences are represented by black dots.

Since LOH events on Chr5 appear frequently in fluconazole-resistant C. albicans isolates ( Exclusive Wool jogger pants navy Neil Barrett Clearance Footlocker With Paypal For Sale Fast Delivery 7jpj1BjC
), these data support the idea that mistranslation, LOH of Chr5, and fluconazole resistance are linked. To determine if genes affected by LOH events during evolution were selected because of their serine codon usage, we computed the relative synonymous codon usage (RSCU) of the seven serine codons of strains T1 and T1FH in all genes (with Anaconda [ Low Price Bardot Dress In Ruched Fabric With Peplum Pink Lost Ink Petite Free Shipping Very Cheap Free Shipping Shop Offer Online Cheap Online 2018 New Online sRItISZFE
]) and compared the two sets codon by codon. We found statistically significant differences in UCA, UCC, and UCG usage, which was decreased in the LOH-affected genes of the nonevolved T1 strain, and in UCG usage, which was decreased in the LOH-affected genes of T1FH ( Table S2A ).

CUG codon usage. (A) Statistical comparison of the altered set of genes for each evolutionary event and strain (T1 and T1FH genes affected by LOH and T1FH genes affected by copy number variations) and the rest of the genome. Significant results show that T1 genes affected by LOH are depleted of UCA, UCC, and UCG codons; T1FH genes affected by LOH are depleted of UCG codons; and T1FH genes affected by copy number variations are enriched in UCA codons and depleted of UCC and UCG codons. RSCU values for serine codons of each gene were calculated with Anaconda ( Fix You Morganfit jeans Blue Philipp Plein Outlet Locations Cheap Online Classic For Sale Clearance Wide Range Of hie8XDMsJw
) and compared through Student tests corrected by the Bonferroni method. (B) Numbers of CUG codons that differ in both alleles (a and b) in genes that lost heterozygosity or changed copy number in T1FH (data from CGD). Notably, the large LOH regions on Chr5 and ChrR are aaaa (see Fig. 2 ), which caused the highlighted changes in CTG codon usage. All of the genes that have a positive difference led to a reduction in CTG codons (blue) by changing CTG to other codons, while those having a negative difference increased the number of CTG codons (green) by changing other codons to CTG. Further, all of the genes with an increased copy number (red) had a positive difference, while those with a reduced copy number (orange) had a negative difference. Download TABLE S2, PDF file, 0.1 MB .

Interestingly, the number of CUG codons differs between alleles (a and b) of genes that lost heterozygosity in T1FH ( Table S2B ); genes with a positive difference (a > b) underwent a reduction in the number of CTG codons, and genes with a negative difference (a < b) had an increase in the number of CTG codons. This suggests that the loss of one allele ( Table S2B ) had a balancing effect on the number of CTG codons.

Your compiler will produce x86 assembly. We won’t transform the assembly into an executable ourselves - that’s the job of the assembler and linker, which are separate programs 2 . To see how this program looks in assembly, let’s compile it with gcc 3 :

Now, let’s look at the assembly itself. We can ignore the .section , .align and .subsections_via_symbols directives - if you delete them, you can still assemble and run return_2.s 4 . .globl _main indicates that the _main symbol should be visible to the linker; otherwise it can’t find the entry point to the program. (If you’re on a Unix-like system other than OS X, this symbol will just be main , no underscore.)

Finally, we have our actual assembly instructions:

The most important point here is that when a function returns, the EAX register 5 will contain its return value. The main function’s return value will be the program’s exit code.

An important side note: throughout this tutorial, I’ll use ATT assembly syntax, because that’s what GCC uses by default. Some online resources might use Intel syntax, which has operands in the reverse order from ATT syntax. Whenever you’re reading assembly, make sure you know what syntax it’s using!

The only thing that can change in the snippet of assembly above is the return value. So one very simple approach would be to use a regular expression to extract the return value from the source code, then plug it into the assembly. Here’s a 20-line Python script to do that:

But parsing the whole program with one big regular expression isn’t a viable long-term strategy. Instead, we’ll split up the compiler into three stages: lexing, parsing, and code generation. As far as I know, this is a pretty standard compiler architecture, except you’d normally want a bunch of optimization passes between parsing and code generation.


The lexer (also called the scanner or tokenizer) is the phase of the compiler that breaks up a string (the source code) into a list of tokens. A token is the smallest unit the parser can understand - if a program is like a paragraph, tokens are like individual words. (Many tokens are individual words, separated by whitespace.) Variable names, keywords, and constants, and punctuation like braces are all examples of tokens. Here’s a list of all the tokens in return_2.c:

Note that some tokens have a value (e.g. the constant token has value “2”) and some don’t (like parentheses and braces). Also note that there are no whitespace tokens. (In some languages, like Python, whitespace is significant and you do need tokens to represent it.)

Here are all the tokens your lexer needs to recognize, and the regular expression defining each of them:


"That high pressure system really is very high, which means that there are open skies over the Siberian side of the Arctic, which means ice gets to thicken better than it would under overcast skies."

Not necessarily so, although this is standard meteorology 101, the continuous influx of moisture by the Pacific and Atlantic has been doing some very strange horizon effects:


In fact saturating the Arctic with a continuous vapor spread may have similar consequences than when cloudy, there has been very little respite from moisture influx without giving a large area a chance to really dry the atmosphere above the Arctic Ocean....

Posted by: Popular Manchester Cheap Price Bodas Woman Stretch Pima Cottonjersey Lowrise Briefs White Size XS Bodas TRTGq3Pe6B
| February 27, 2018 at 12:27

Thanks, P-maker. These things are often discussed on the ASIF, but I'm too dumb to follow them, so don't bother to read. Sublimation is in a way similar to melting, but instead of turning to water, the ice is directly turned into water vapour, right? So, some of the ice at the surface of Northern Greenland did disappear due to the warm winds, which had to do with the described weather event, which is highly likely unprecedented for this time of year.

I'll update the text.

Posted by: Womens Cotton Iconic Sports Bra Tommy Hilfiger Free Shipping Amazing Price Outlet Clearance Fake Clearance In China Limited Edition Online TklNP1
| Essential Top New Life Top by VIDA VIDA Footlocker Cheap Price Discount Cost Wholesale Price Sale Online 7K5cd

Neven, you are absolutely right, but I think it is the diagram which need an update and not your text. Cheers P

Posted by: Muscle Fit TShirt With Crew Neck 3 Pack SAVE Wht/bk/regak Asos Online Discount Extremely Clearance Sale Online Outlet Supply jHDbJsi
| February 27, 2018 at 13:48

Robert has another good piece on this event: A Large Area of Open Water Forms in the Melting Sea Ice North of Greenland During February

Good article on Mashable as well, by Andrew Freedman: Drastic Arctic warm event stuns scientists, as record-breaking temperatures reach the North Pole

Posted by: Neven | February 27, 2018 at 13:49


I think your 1-dimensional focus on temperature may be ascribed to something from your childhood ;o).

Considering this recent event N of Greenland, you will need to think of the following chain of physical processes in order to understand the full implications of what we are seeing at the moment.

1) Excess evaporation south of the Azores due to global warming 2) Extensive high pressure over the Eurasian continent driving air masses north 3) Extreme “Atmospheric River” transporting hot and moist air to Greenland 4) Humongous deposition of fresh snow on SE side of Greenland 5) “Trumpish” heating and drying of air mass as it descends over N Greenland 6) Downstream sublimation of snow and negative mass balance in N Greenland 7) Dry and warm air drains off N Greenland and opens up new KMJ polynya

I'll leave it to you.

Posted by: P-maker | February 27, 2018 at 14:46

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